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IM Properties has been investing in US Real Estate for over a decade, with a current portfolio exceeding $250m and we plan to significantly increase this through development funding opportunities.

Our US business has already funded 450,000 sq ft of upscale supermarket developments for Mariano’s Fresh Market with further stores planned, culminating in 675,000 sq ft over 9 stores.

Such is our commitment to expanding further in the US market, IM Properties has a Chicago office and team which enables the company to achieve scale, particularly in the retail sector and further develop relationships based on trust and longevity.

IM Properties USA have also now moved into the Mid-West markets having recently developed a premium Lifestyle Centre in Wisconsin, 90 minutes to the north of downtown Chicago.

The Corners of Brookfield represents the company’s largest single investment in the US to date the 750,000 sq ft scheme offers open-air, premier retail and dining across its 19 acres, as well as over 200 luxury residences. Our growing reputation for delivery in the US, together with our financial strength and experience demonstrates to our US based partners our commitment to grow the US business further over the coming years.