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IM Land was founded in 2014 and is a dedicated strategic land business primarily concentrating on residential opportunities.

Our team of experienced professionals specialise in taking sites through from initial concept designs to outline or detailed planning. The team has a wide range of experience including work for major housebuilders, financial and professional services and local government.

IM Land acquire and promote new residential sites to sell onto housebuilders and developers with a focus on deliverability and maximising assets.

Over the last two years IM have amassed on portfolio of land positions that when delivered, could create over 6000 residential units. Against the back drop of a national housing crisis IM Land is seeking to unlock the unrealised value in land owners holdings.

In addition to our existing commercial land bank of over 1,500 acres, we have now invested enough to secure sufficient land to in the region of 6,000 homes. We pioneer vibrant new places to live, from concept to reality.

Our understanding that strategic projects – by their very nature – can be long and complex and we recognise the importance of being in a trusted partnership. We respect that every landowner is different and we tailor our approach accordingly.

If the landowner wishes to sell their site quickly and easily, we have the experience and appetite to purchase the freehold of sites conditionally or unconditionally. Alternatively, for development opportunities that require additional funding, IM Land welcome partnership approaches and are well versed in joint venture arrangements.

Finally, if the landowner seeks a guide through the planning system and wants to receive best value for their asset we have a great deal of experience in successfully bringing forward opportunities under Promotion or Option agreements.

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