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Grant helps mums make and mend for the planet

A grant for nearly £2000  from IM Properties (IMP) Peddimore Community Fund is helping an upcycling group in North Birmingham teach families new skills to mend and make.

The Up Creative Hub works with the community, schools, charities and organisations in the Minworth, Falcon Lodge and Sutton Coldfield area to trade skills, encourage recycling of textiles and provide arts, environmental and textile education, outreach and workshop programmes.

The Up Creative Hub founder Helen Waite said the mend and make project was in response to the huge amounts of textiles sent to landfill, particularly from the disposal of fast fashion.

“The group is mainly made up of mums, trying to look after our children and the planet and we’re all keen to do something that makes a positive impact in our local community to help reuse and recycle our resources.

“We’re so used to throwing away clothing if it gets a small hole in it, or a button comes off, that we decided to look at how we could either mend or upcycle to make something else of value.

“The reputation of the group has grown,” continued Helen. “We often have mums in the local schools coming up to us and asking if we could mend something for them. We always say no, we can’t mend it for you, but we can teach you the skills and give you the tools to do it yourself.”

During the pandemic, The Up Creative Hub and its members have given up 10,000 hours to make gowns and face masks and they created video tutorials for children to make bunting to brighten up their schools when they returned after lockdown.

IMP’s £270,000 Peddimore Community Fund is managed by the Heart of England Community Foundation and is awarded to groups surrounding its Minworth employment park.

Kerry Amory from IM Properties who helps coordinate its Social Value programme said the creativity and determination of the team was an inspiration to other community groups.

“They say if you want to get a job done, give it to a busy person. And this is exactly what all of these mums are, juggling work and children, yet they still find time to make a difference in the community and empower people to upskill and makes things for themselves and their families.

“Their Christmas Wreaths and safe sloth sewing kits they’ve generated during the lockdowns are great examples of their ingenuity and desire to inspire, to enable people to create from home and enjoy activities to bring families together.”

IM Properties is committed to delivering sustainable development across its business. Working in partnership with its occupiers and supply chain it aims to create jobs, skills and training opportunities, in addition to long-lasting social value benefits for the local community.

For further information on the grants or to apply, please visit: or call 024 7688 3297.

For further information on the Up Creative Hub visit