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Our Approach

IM Properties is committed to the principles of Sustainable Development and we strive to ensure requirements are clearly understood, to help occupiers generate lower running costs and deliver CRC Energy Efficient benefits.

Design and Planning

Industry-leading professionals and experts are integral to IM Properties’ design team, from the inception of each scheme. They are tasked with assessing and advising on all environmental and sustainable aspects.

The latest computer modelling software is used which allows us to tailor specifications and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

We design buildings to exceed statutory and regulatory requirements, which intern provides a building that operates as passively as possible reducing the demand for energy. In addition and where practical, we install highly efficient plant and use low or zero carbon systems/materials.


Sustainability is now at the heart of good building practice. IM uses industry leading contractors and supply chains to ensure the high quality products needed to produce highly efficient buildings are delivered.

We incorporate a sensible application of renewable technologies and target an EPC Rating of “A”. This is done by:

  • Ensuring that the insulation (U-values) of the roof and cladding specification are in excess of building regulations
  • Using rigid specification and construction parameters to ensure our buildings achieve air tightness of up to 90% when pressure tested, better than statutory requirements.
  • Utilisation of energy efficient plant including high-efficiency boilers, intelligent lighting with motion/daylight sensors, and sub metering to allow occupiers to monitor their energy consumption.
  • Introduction of low or zero carbon technologies such as CHP systems and biomass boilers. The various technologies are assessed on each individual scheme to ensure the best technology is implemented in each situation and pay back periods (or lower running costs) are optimised.